21 Ways To Be More Creative

We are all creative geniuses, I know. I read If You Want To Write (did you?), so I know every person is creative and unique. But we can easily get into ruts and forget that we’re amazing artists deep down. Read this blog post from Christine Kane, a singer and songwriter, who shares her suggestions on how to kick-start your creativity. She’s also got an interesting take on dealing with stage fright, not that any of you might be concerned about that.

Christine Kane


OLs: Read Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech

Hi friends. I’m creating this blog just for you as you prepare to begin your full-time role as an ‘07 O.L. We used to create a packet of readings to give you at our final meeting. It consisted of articles with strategies and advice you could read in May to get ready for the challenges and opportunities of a summer as an O.L. Those readings are a bit dated now, so I’m going to keep this blog updated regularly for the next six weeks with information that Milly, Jessica, and I think you might appreciate.

Your first assignment is to read Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech. Guy Kawasaki is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who was once an “evangelist” for Apple Computer. The commencement speech linked below is a good read with relevant advice for new college students and for you.

Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech

Guy Kawasaki

Stay tuned to this blog for regular streams of wisdom from Terrell Hall. We’re counting down the days till you move in to Creswell on May 29.

Be a great audience

Not a great audience

You definitely want to have great audiences, so you need to make sure you are a great audience member yourself. And you are an audience whenever Milly, Jessica, or I are talking to you and especially when we have guests presenting to you, which will happen often in your first week on the job. If someone is presenting to you, give them your attention and your respect, even if they’re not particularly effective presenters. Your engagement – eye contact, nodding (NOT nodding off!), smiling, asking questions – can make a dull topic interesting and could make the presenter more effective.

You reap what you sow, so be the kind of audience member you expect to have this summer.

Read this post by Seth Godin about “How to be a great audience.”