OLs: Read Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech

Hi friends. I’m creating this blog just for you as you prepare to begin your full-time role as an ‘07 O.L. We used to create a packet of readings to give you at our final meeting. It consisted of articles with strategies and advice you could read in May to get ready for the challenges and opportunities of a summer as an O.L. Those readings are a bit dated now, so I’m going to keep this blog updated regularly for the next six weeks with information that Milly, Jessica, and I think you might appreciate.

Your first assignment is to read Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech. Guy Kawasaki is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who was once an “evangelist” for Apple Computer. The commencement speech linked below is a good read with relevant advice for new college students and for you.

Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech

Guy Kawasaki

Stay tuned to this blog for regular streams of wisdom from Terrell Hall. We’re counting down the days till you move in to Creswell on May 29.


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  1. I wish this guy would have spoken at my graduation. I like #10 the most, even if that’s the one that makes me feel the most guilty sometimes…

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