The meaning of life…

I found this fun, almost South Park-esque animation of an Alan Watts speech that does a nice job of explaining the meaning of it all. I have this speech on an old cassette tape and have listened to it often. Watts could communicate the most complex philosophical thoughts in the most engaging and light-hearted manner.

Life is not a means to an end. There is no destination other than right here and right now. Watts’ music metaphor is compelling. There was a quote on the Orientation folder about this: “It’s good to have an end to journey toward, but it’s the journey that matters in the end.” Ursula LeGuin


Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech

Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO (Adam and I are obsessed with him), gave this speech at Stanford’s commencement a couple of years ago. Jobs didn’t even make it through one year of college himself (and he explains that in the speech), but you will appreciate his wisdom.

The Buddha’s advice

The Buddha

Evon requested a copy of the quote from the Buddha that I shared at our meeting yesterday. Here it is:

“If it is not truthful and not helpful, don’t say it.

If it is helpful but not truthful, don’t say it.

If it is truthful but not helpful, don’t say it.

If it is truthful and helpful, wait till the right time.”

Read good books!

 Read a lot of books

David McCullough is one of the nation’s great writers of history and biography. And his voice is prominent, too. You’ve probably heard him narrate a documentary or other film. He was the narrator of Ken Burns’ amazing Civil War series, and he was the narrator of the film Seabiscuit.

Read his commencement address at UConn, and you will be challenged to pick up great books and start reading. I dare you to read at least two books this summer. You will be surprised at how much down time you will actually have. To quote from McCullough’s speech:

“To carry a book with you wherever you go is old advice and good advice. John Adams urged his son John Quincy to carry a volume of poetry, ‘You’ll never be alone,’ he said, ‘with a poet in your pocket.'”

OLs: Read Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech

Hi friends. I’m creating this blog just for you as you prepare to begin your full-time role as an ‘07 O.L. We used to create a packet of readings to give you at our final meeting. It consisted of articles with strategies and advice you could read in May to get ready for the challenges and opportunities of a summer as an O.L. Those readings are a bit dated now, so I’m going to keep this blog updated regularly for the next six weeks with information that Milly, Jessica, and I think you might appreciate.

Your first assignment is to read Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech. Guy Kawasaki is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who was once an “evangelist” for Apple Computer. The commencement speech linked below is a good read with relevant advice for new college students and for you.

Guy Kawasaki’s “Hindsights” speech

Guy Kawasaki

Stay tuned to this blog for regular streams of wisdom from Terrell Hall. We’re counting down the days till you move in to Creswell on May 29.

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